Having a grand vacation in a beautiful place could really be a great opportunity to unwind and have a break from your tiring daily life routine. Your vacation would be more fun and memorable if you able to spend it in areas of great beauty where you can be creative with either painting the gorgeous landscape or getting carried away in catching breath taking photographs of the wild highlands of Scotland.


The land of Scotland is a country which is part of the United Kingdom although not for much longer, as this year 2014 could be a year to remember for many Scottish people, it’s the year to decide if Scotland becomes independent from England after over 400 years. The country is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, Irish Sea and North Sea which gives great opportunities for taking action pictures of the wild sea’s of northern Scotland. Scotland is indeed a country rich in culture, tradition, and in nature and more exciting is that all of this is concentrated into a small size country which has much to offer to the photographer looking for idyllic and panoramic pictures. The best way I have found when out and about in Scotland is to go away for a few days walking, leaving everything behind and relaxing. If you are undecided in which walk to take or which part of a walk to take you can always have a look at the walksinscotland website, this site gives you great ideas in where and when to go plus also lets you download free gpx files.

Scotland can definitely satisfy the eyes of many tourists and travelers. People would definitely love the amazing and awesome landscapes, scenery, heritage and culture of the country. It is packed with beautiful places, lively environment, amazing sounds, and good people. If you spend your vacation in the country, you will be empowered to learn lots of things about the people, places, cultures, and foods. It is indeed a great place that you should visit.

Discovering Scotland

Many people choose to visit and travel Scotland because of all the incredible and amazing things that they want to experience. Travelling to the country is also easy and convenient. There are various travel options that you can choose from. Once you reached Scotland, you are assured that you can go anywhere by land, rail, or ferry to all the regions of the country but the best way to see this country is to take your bike or take your rucksack and get out into the 1000’s of different walks. To be able to enjoy more the scenery and other destinations in the country, walks in Scotland would surely make your vacation memorable.

You can do lots of things when you visit Scotland. You can try to ride in the famous West highland Way train and ride just like harry Potter did in years gone by!!. You can also explore the land using different modes of transportation but again best of all walking seems to bring the best out of this great country.. You must not miss the local foods and drinks of Scotland. The tourist attractions of Scotland include country houses where beautiful portraits can be painted, pictures taken of charming castles at dusk or dawn, museums, wildlife parks, stunning lochs and hills. Walks in Scotland can relatively make your vacation and stay in the country more exciting.

Travelers would surely love to travel in the wonderful and amazing land of Scotland. So, if you are planning to unwind, discover new places, eat delicious foods and many more, you must spend it in Scotland.